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Forever, legally

is mine

Forceful law of ownership
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Forever, legally


1. You are allowed one character. Once you have claimed one character, you cannot claim another. However, you are allowed to drop and claim again. Commit to monogamy!!

2. There is no restriction as to who/what you can claim. You can claim from animanga, games, music, lj users, etc. Spread your wings of imagination!

3. Please keep in mind that this is a complain-free community. If someone has already took your claim, please don't whine or complain about it. Nobody likes complainers. However, you are allowed to make negotiations, and that goes between you and who ever else. DO NOT push/force someone to drop a character just so you can have him/her. That is a no-no!

4. Please put 'The law is...' in the subject line so I know you have read the rules.

5. Make sure to put down where your character is from and also which branch he/she/it is from. Please don't bold your claims. It makes life so much harder on me :l

6. Don't tag if there isn't a tag specifically for your claim. However, you are free to tag your claim if there is a tag for your specific claim.
When tagging, please refer to the tags

7. Have fun.

8. You can has a doubles. Rules are subjected to change, so please check back often~